Dr. Dennis Awuku Welbeck


Dr. Dennis Awuku Welbeck

Born and raised in Akropong-Akuapim in the eastern part of Ghana, Dr. Dennis Awuku Welbeck, is the first fruit of six of his parents’ children, which in Hebrew tradition, symbolizes the father’s strength.

Currently, Dr. Dennis Awuku Wellbeck is a coordinator of all the Bethel Prayer Ministry International churches in North/South America.  Dr. Dennis is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Path of Life Foundation. Dr. Wellbeck also holds an honouring doctorate from Canadian Christian Theological Seminary (Calgary, Canada).

Growing up in a house full of children with limited access to food, shelter, water, and clothes. It is his utmost desire to help others that are in need of basic necessities of life.

Dr. Wellbeck is humble and Hardworking. He is also loving, compassionate, good listener, and selfless. He treats everyone with respect and goes out on his way to help others. He have empathy for every person’s life situation.

Since 2010, He has been taking care of orphans, providing them with health insurance, paying hospital expenses, school expenses, food expenses and other basic necessities of life.

Dr. Dennis Awuku Welbeck hopes to continue helping the needy world wide.with Path of Life Foundation.